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Learning about my family's history...

... has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has not only connected me to my family's distant past. It has also more strongly connected me to the present, drawing me closer to my parents and immediate family. I've met and communicated with relatives I've never met, many of whom I never knew existed. I've also forged relationships with like-minded researchers and genealogists in Europe as well as here in the United States.

Genealogy, even as a hobby (some may say its an addiction), is a lot of work, requiring a skillful approach to research. It helps to be inquisitive and to be a "people" person. It requires hours of library time, lots of internet searches, and plenty of patience.

The reward comes when you find that little golden nugget of information about that great-uncle who served in theGreat War, or finding that entry in a ship's manifest that identifies your great-grandfather's family as passengers during the Great Migration. Perhaps you'll learn of a far distant cousin in the past who was a regional bishop, or a more recent cousin who simply disappeared, only to find his family across the country after 50 years.

These are all examples of things that happened to me over my 10 year quest to learn more about my family history. It can happen to you, too!

My family is quite typical. We herald from a small community in The Netherlands. We came to the United States during the aforementioned Great Migration in the latter part of the 19th century. We initially tried to maintain those small community ties when we arrived in the United States, joining our family, friends and neighbors who had also been drawn to this new, promising frontier. We sought opportunity and prosperity, and found it in varying degrees.

What follows is my journey through time, as seen through the lives and experiences of my ancestors. I hope you find these pages to be entertaining, informative, and even inspiring.


If you have any old photos, newspaper clippings, documents, etc. (pre-1920) that you would like to share or feel might be of interest on this website, please let me know! You can contact me by clicking on the "E-Mail Me" icon below, or by visiting the website guestbook on my Main Home Page.

So explore. Poke around. Enjoy your stay!