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The Marriage of Leonardus Bevers & Antonette van Schijndel

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Act Uden nr. 18 18-05-1887

In the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven on the twentieth
of the month of May appeared before us, mayor, servant of the Civil Registration
of the community of Uden, province of Noord-Brabant, in the house of the community
in public:

Leonardus Bevers, young man, aged thirty-one years, born in Nistelrode
the eighteenth of the month of April, one thousand eight hundred fifty-six
profession, farmer, from Nistelrode,
adult son of the married couple Johannis Bevers and Adriana van de Laar, farmers
living in Nistelrode on the one side;

and Anthonia Maria van Schijndel, young daughter,
aged twenty-eight years, born in Heeswijk on the fifteenth of the month
of May, on thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine,
farmer, from Uden, having lived in Nistelrode,
adult daughter of the married couple Antonius van Schijndel, profession, farmer
living in Uden and the late Wilhelmina Lunenberg on the other side;

who have requested us to solemnize their intended marriage, thereto supplying:

The proof required by law, that the first of the appeared persons has fullfilled
his obligations towards the National Milita.

The acts of birth of each of the married couple-to-be.

The proofs that the betrothal necessary by law in the communities of Uden and
Nistelrode have taken place without arrest.

Extract of the Certificate of Death of the mother of the bride.

The father of the bride, who is present here, declares to give his consent to the
fulfillment of the marriage.

As consequence thereof, the couple-to-be has declared before us, and in the presence of
the hereafter mentioned witnesses,

"That they accept each other as husband and wife, and that they lawfully will fullfill
all the duties engaged by law with the marriage state";

and we have, Servant of the Registration, in the name of the law, declared that the
persons of Leonardus Bevers and Anthonia Maria van Schijndel
as mentioned before have been united by marriage.

This marriage has taken place in the presence of

1. Theodorus Hoefs, age thirty-two years, profession, receiver of the community,
living in Uden

2. Johannus van der Wagt, age fifty-eight years, profession, tailor, living in Uden

3. Jacobus van Oers, age twenty-nine, profession, baker, living in Uden

4. Christoffel Theodorus Rinkel, age fifty-four, profession, village policeman,
living in Uden.

The witnesses have declared themselves not related in blood or kin of the parties.

And we have prepared this act which, after reading it aloud to the parties and the
the witnesses, has been signed by us with them.


The betrothal ran (as a public notice) on 8 and 15 May in Nistelrode.
Wilhelmina Luneburg died in Heesch on 7 January, 1867.

(Extreme gratitude to Mr. Henk Verhoeven for this translation)

The Marriage of Antonius van Schijndel & Wilhelmina Lunnenburg

Marriage of Antonius van Schijndel

Act of Heeswijk, nr. 8 19-7-1858

In the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight, on the nineteenth
day of the month of July, there appeared before us, Civil Servant of Registration
for the community of Heeswijk, Province of Noordbrabant
Antonius van Schijndel, agricultural farmer
within this community, young man,
age twenty-seven years, son of Hendrikus van Schijndel
farmer in this community, age fourty-three years
and of Antonia Pijnenburg, deceased, groom at one side, and;
Wilhelmina Lunenberg, young daughter,
age twenty-three years, profession maid-servant,
born in Nistelrode, living in Heeswijk, daughter of
Roelof Lunenburg and Geertruida van Mil, farmers,
living in Nistelrode, bride, at the other side:

who have declared that they have the intention to marry
and giving notice thereof. And from this we have prepared this Act
which, after reading aloud, has been signed by us and the bridegroom,
as the bruide declared not having learned to write.

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