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Welcome to my Bevers Family Genealogy Page!

The branch of this family, to which I belong, originated in Nistelrode, a small community in the province of Noord (North) Brabant, in The Netherlands. Leonardus Cornelis Bevers emigrated to the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin in 1893. With his wife, Antonette van Schijndel, and their three young sons, he settled in Little Chute, Wisconsin. Because they were the first to bear children in the United States, I consider Leonardus and Antonette to be our patriarch and matriarch. This website is dedicated to Leonardus's family, his descendents, and his ancestors.

A number of acknowledgements are in order for those who inspired my quest to learn more about my family roots. A number of years ago, I received two portfolios of information about my father's paternal (Bevers) and maternal (Jansen) relatives.

The Bevers material was quite orderly and was put together from materials which were gathered by Jim Bevers, a cousin to my father. My dad's sister, Sandy Coonen, had compiled a book of this information, and had passed it on to members of our family.

The Jansen material was passed out in book form at a family reunion, and represented painstaking hours at an old typewriter. I'm told this wonderful work was done by Gladys Jansen, bless her heart.

Initially, I spent about two years (2000-2002) researching and inquiring about the origins of the Bevers family in Noord Brabant, in an effort to consolidate and verify the information I had received. A few amateur genealogists in The Netherlands were very generous with their time and efforts in finding and sending me bits of research. I would especially like to acknowledge Mr. Henk Verhoeven, Mr. Willem Baerendregt, Mr. Piet Rooyakkers, and Mr. Wim van de Valk for their contributions to my original research. What I gathered from this research was overwhelming in scope, and indicated to me that there were many incongrueties and a few inaccuracies contained within it. I finally had to put it down... it was too time consuming, and I had doubts that I could actually put it all together in a form from which I could draw any useful conclusions.

Then, in the late winter of 2008, I received a phone call from a distant cousin in Colorado, Lori Santistevan, whose father was a long lost cousin on my dad's Jansen side. Lori, who had been in contact with another cousin, Teri Micale, living in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, both contacted me to find out what I knew about the Bevers family. Thanks to cousins Lori and Teri, I've renewed the analysis of my research, and have put together a large part of the story of Leonardus' generation, and the migration of our Bevers clan to the Little Chute area.

Shortly after becoming acquainted with Lori and Teri, I was doing some research about the Heemkundekring (HKK) Nistelvorst (a genealogical society in Nistelrode), which had recently celebrated their Jubilee Year with the publication of a beautiful book. This volume contains a very detailed accounting of people who lived in a very focused neighborhood of Nistelrode from roughly 1840 to the turn of the 21st century. While making inquiries about what this volume might contain about my Bevers ancestors, I struck gold! A member of the society informed me that another distant relative, Heidi Ziegler of Los Angeles, CA, would be visiting them later that month, and provided me with her e-mail information. Heidi and I communicated with each other, and she agreed to purchase the book, and get it to me on her return. In August of 2009, Heidi was visiting Ziegler relatives in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. We met, had dinner, and she presented me with the book.

During her visit to Nistelrode, Heidi was also presented with a detailed accounting of the Bevers line dating from about 1600. I was aware of much of this information, having received my direct lineage to this root (Ariens Bevers) from my previous resources. However, this exquisitely detailed document cleaned up my research immensely, providing several clarifications and making a number of corrections.

Jim Bevers, Dad's cousin, has also put me in contact with Mr. Ferry Bevers of Heesch, in Noord Brabant. Ferry has been very gracious in sending photographs he took of some of the older buildings to be found in the Donzel area, located in the very neighborhood and street that my forebears called home.

In early 2008, Teri Micale provided me with a remarkably detailed (and far more complete) accounting of the Jansen family. The level of detail, organized and lovingly presented by Joan (Stoltzman) Jansen of Red Wing, MN, has set me way back in the process of entering the Jansen family into a database. The Jansen family is as dear to me as the Bevers... there are two important intersects between the two families. My paternal grandparents are Peter and Josephine (Jansen) Bevers. Josephine's brother, John Jansen, married Anna Bevers, Peter's younger sister. Conseqently, it will be vital for me to be just as diligent, if not more so, in the preservation of this massive volume of information.

The coat-of-arms shown on my index page was forwarded to me somewhere along the line; I can't remember when or from whom. Based on what I've learned about the Bevers family, particularly in the early to middle 18th century, some branches were quite well to do. It is not out of the question that one of them acquired a heraldic symbol or flag, and this may be an accurate depiction. Or, maybe not. Perhaps further research will bear fruit in this regard.

The information on this site represents conclusions from my research, as well as the work of those mentioned above. If there are any additions, corrections, or new information that anyone would like to share, feel free to contact me using the "E-Mail Me" link found on these pages.

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