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Photo Gallery I

Leonardus Bevers Family c1905

This is the photo most identified with Leonardus and his family, despite the absence of Antonette, who had passed on. It is referenced in the Keeris genealogy of the Bevers Family as being in the collection of the White Pillar Museum in DePere, Wisconsin.

It was also published as the part of the Bevers Family entry in "Little Chute - A Century of Progress, 1899-1999".

Taken within a year of Antonette's passing (circa 1905), it is a very formal sitting with the four oldest boys (back, l-r), Anton, John, Bill and Adrian; Leonardus, Ann, and Peter in front.

Here is another rarely seen, undated family photo, courtesy of Serena (Bevers) Oliva. It must have been taken prior to 1904, which is when Antonette died. It would be easy to assume that the infant is baby Ann, until one counts heads; Leonardus and Antonette had five sons survive infancy, two that did not. Only four are shown here. Also, a comparison with the above photo of the widowed Leonardus causes a bit of confusion.

First, let us look at Leonardus and Antonette; they look much younger than the couple in the less formal outdoor photo, below. Its been suggested that the infant is my grandfather, Peter, born in July, 1902. I suspect the photo is older than that. If I'm right about that, the little one may be Henry II, born in April, 1899. Taking three additional years from Leonardus and Antonette may seem more consistent with their apparent ages, as shown on the photo.

Likely shown in the back row (l-r) John, Bill (cut out, then restored), and Anton. Seated, Leonardus, Adrian, and Antonette, holding, I believe, Henry II.

Question: Does anyone have an undamaged, or better, dated copy of this photo? Can anyone confirm the identity of the infant?

Leonardus, Antonia and Family

Leonardus & Antonette

This is a photo that was lovingly donated by Mrs. Serena (Bevers) Oliva.  She had always believed that the photo was of her grandparents (my great-grandparents), Leonard and Antoinette Bevers.  From the moment I saw this photo, I had my doubts about this claim.  The couple shown here are middle-aged to elderly, an age Antoinette, unfortunately, would never attain.  The gentleman is undoubtedly Leonardus.  The identity of the woman remained a mystery until I received the photo and newspaper clipping below.

One day, I found this in my mailbox from cousin Teri Micale.  She had received it from another cousin, who thought it would be of interest to her.  It is actually two clippings from the Appleton Post-Crescent's "Current" edition, which in the 1990's was a weekly insert for what are known in this area as "The Heart of the Valley" communities of Kimberly, Kaukauna, Little Chute and Combined Locks.
When I first saw the picture and its subsequent description, I was immediately compelled to try to find my grandfather, Peter Bevers.  I eventually gave up, with the realization that it might be tough to keep a 10 year old boy interested in standing around to have a group picture done.  I did, however, recognize a very young Anne Bevers standing behind the right shoulder of the mother of the bride.  Low and behold, standing behind Anne you can see Leonardus, her father and my great grandfather.
But look at Leonardus, and look at the mother of the bride, Nell Vanden Heuvel.  Look at what they are wearing, and then look at the photo above.  These two photographs were taken on the same day... April 29, 1913... on the occasion of of the wedding of Leonardus' niece, Anne Vanden Heuvel to Cornelius Vandenberg.  Even the siding of the house matches.  Thus resolves the mystery of who the people are in Serena's photograph.
This photo offers many, many challenges to all who might be able to help identify other people at the wedding.  At this time, these are the only images I've seen of my great-uncles, my grandfather's brothers, other than in childhood photos.
Vanden Heuvel Wedding - 1913

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