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Photo Gallery II

Peter & Anna Bevers

A formal photo sitting of Peter and Ann Bevers, most likely on the occasion of their first holy communion, in Little Chute, Wisconsin. (Photo courtesy of Les & Betty Bevers)

A lovely portrait of a lovely young lady, Anna Bevers, looking very much like her mother. (Photo included in the collections of Serena (Bevers) Oliva and Les & Betty Bevers)

Ann Bevers Portrait
Josephine Jansen

Another beautiful young woman, my grandmother, Josephine Jansen. "Josie"" would marry Peter Bevers, my grandfather. (Photo courtesy of Les & Betty Bevers)

A happy bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bevers, my grandparents. They were married in April, 1924. (Photo courtesy of Les & Betty Bevers)

Pete & Josephine Bevers
Bevers/Jansen Wedding Portrait

Here's a precious family portrait which I first became aware of in 2008. It is a formal wedding portrait of Peter & Josephine (Jansen) Bevers (standing, left & center) with their siblings, John & Ann (Bevers) Jansen (standing, right, and seated). Pete and Josie were married in April, 1924, while Jack and Ann had been married in February of that year. This portrait was probably done for the April wedding. (Photo courtesy of Lois Henstrand)

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